Is there any media used in the water?

Many people ask 'Do you only use water'?
A very fine slurry utilizing water, as well as various grades of media and chemicals are required to return parts to their natural appearance and colour. This mix comes from years of experience working on all types of different materials. Its sort of like the 11 herbs and spices in a well known chicken recipe.
By the way there is no 'wet' or 'vapour' blasting system using just water. (except for the type used to prepare ships hulls for repainting while in drydock. It uses a pressure of 30,000psi to remove rust and scale!)


Do I really need to strip everything first?

It's always best if everything is stripped down to the bare minimum.
Inside a blasting machine there's a slurry flying everywhere and although cleanup afterwards is far easier than alternatives like dry blasting, we don't necessarily want that slurry to end up in places that can't be accessed for a final cleaning. We will help where possible by finding and removing oil galley plugs, roller bearings and so on, in a professional manner.


What about screw threads & machined surfaces?

That's not a problem. As part of our service we frequently prepare small screws and hardware for re-plating, as original bolts always look correct on any restoration. The platers comment on the great appearance and lack of damage. Gasket surfaces are not compromised either. We'll check and deburr flat machined surfaces so they'll fit better than before.


Do you offer a final clean & detailing service?

Engine parts and small components can be quite complex and deserve the time required to clean properly after blasting. If like most folks you're not too sure, ask about our detail cleaning service. As an experienced engine shop we will let you know if an area in your job could be a potential problem and guide you to the right solution.


What is the best way to get the parts to you?

Please give us a call before sending a parcel so we can be sure to be available.
We use Couriers Please who will pick up and deliver to most suburbs and now have a regional service to larger country towns and interstate. (we have coupons at our end if you don't)
Some people choose Australia Post (Please be sure to register & insure your goods)

IMPORTANT:  Pack your parts really well.We spend a disproportionate amount of time packing your goods for a safe return trip. We certainly want them to arrive in perfect condition. Please help us by packaging in a good strong carton with plenty of padding.


How much does it cost?

Unseen it's quite difficult to estimate how much a job will cost. We accurately time each job and charge out at our hourly rate. There is no minimum charge at our place. If it's a 10 minute job we charge for only 10 minutes. So far we have had nothing but smiles from Hydroblast customers ..... seriously!