Ultrasonic Cleaning

A Little Background on Carby Cleaning...

Ultrasonic baths have been traditionally used for cleaning jewellery and many other small parts with hard to reach areas. For example, precision fuel system componentry such as carburettors and fuel injection nozzles. For many years carbs were dismantled and soaked in a cold bath of 'Carbosol' - a chemical called methylene chloride. While effective, it comes with serious health risks. I know, my frequent headaches disappeared when we took it out of our our shop some years ago. A new hot aluminium cleaning tank replaced our "Carbosol'. To be honest though, nothing really beat that old cold bath for cleaning gummed up parts - nothing except Ultrasonics.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are a clever combination of a stainless steel bath with a transducer vibrating at 40,000 cycles. Using the right chemicals we can achieve a deep cleaning of internal passages. Passages gummed up by the varnishes in modern fuel as well as other dirt and corrosion. A final pressure rinse and blow through all the passages and we're done. It's cheap, straightforward and usually results in improved performance.
Strip it yourself and send us the parts. They'll come back to you in small plastic packets. As little as $40 - $50 depending on the size and quantity of parts. 

Mikuni carb parts in solution
Plating appears brighter afterwards
Bare metal - Brown gum and varnish gone
Grey plastic insert undamaged