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Hi and welcome to our new website, We're going to show you ways to make your restoration more authentic without breaking the bank. My name is Greg and I'd like to help with a few cool articles addressing the questions we answer daily. Please click on the tabs above for more info.

It occurred to me the other day that I still pursue similar activities to when I started out 40 years ago. Back then I loved fixing things and trying to make them work better. The other part of the deal for me was everything had to look like new again. If I was happy with the job a picture was taken to remember the feeling.
Moving on and guess what - a grown up family, bad back and thinning hair but that feeling has never left. Call it weird but it's what I do for a living. Helping others achieve similar goals meant starting our own business. Back in 1984 the automotive machine shop behind our home evolved to specialize in the different needs of Mercedes Benz repairers as well as anyone else needing work done to those same standards. I can clearly remember the Mercedes honchos coming to my house to see where their Benz warranty work was being performed. After they picked their jaws up off the ground - they left satisfied.
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Sometimes an unfortunate incident results in a positive change. Ours came about after a super rare Lancia engine block we were rebuilding was almost ruined by a local sandblaster. So during 1995 we quietly started 'Hydroblast' to ensure future control over our metal finishing needs. It became our new 'Mercedes Standard' - a finish like the original. Back then after seeing our results, friends and acquaintances would get us to detail an alternator or some other small part for their ride. Now in 2012, we are still happy to detail that small but important part of yours, but it's just as likely a whole project will arrive at our door - in many pieces.
Interestingly, being involved with these various projects has meant meeting many of my boyhood automotive heroes. The classic bike and car scene still continues to grow. You are the custodians of our past and we're glad to be a part of it - and I'm still taking lots of pictures.

Still trying to keep up with fast moving objects - sometimes it works