About Us

The Engine shop...

Woodys Engine Services / Hydroblast is a small Melbourne, Australia based business dedicated to helping car and bike restorers repair and detail their componentry to the highest standards.
With over 50 years experience in the engine business, Greg has been involved in all sorts of interesting repair jobs. You might find him machining or building a complete engine for a Mercedes owner or maybe just surfacing a head for a small local workshop. From tig welding a missing fin on a Vincent motorcycle barrel to machining a late model Euro head with bent valves. 

The Detailing side of the business...

In over 25 years of engine reconditioning, we had searched in vain for an effective means of restoring that original finish to well used parts - in particular aluminium - finally turning to aircraft technology.
The wet abrasive blasting used to finish jet turbines proved able to clean the most intricate components without degradation to the original surface. We are now in a position to offer this excellent service to anyone who wishes to turn any old part into an 'as cast' component... Being an engine builder as well as a blaster makes an interesting combo. Each job is assessed by me personally. A straightforward plan is then created which involves 5 main steps.

*Pre-cleaning & assessment
*Masking where required
*Wet abrasive blasting
*Bright finishing
*Final clean & dry