It's 2022 - Is This The New Normal? - Looks Like It For Some Time

To all of our good friends and customers at Hydroblast.
We're all growing accustomed every day to a new, more cautious way of living which will continue until we eliminate the risk of Covid-19 infection in our community.

Here at Hydroblast, we are still working on some really cool projects but very respectful of everyone's health and safety. Early on we established a 'clean' counter area outside with a safe social distance and the use of good sanitary practices. Please call ahead if you'd like to visit or alternatively we can help you with a courier.  We empathize with all of those seriously affected but we will get through this together. Wishing all of you and your extended families good health.    Take care, Greg

We're Also On Instagram!


We're also on Instagram and finding it a very cool place to show you many of our current projects. Take a look, but not too long - there's work to be done out in the garage! The Instagram App is really easy to download and use on your mobile phone too. It opens up a further world of informative articles and contacts.

You can find us at   woodys_hydroblast. 
 In case you don't find us we'll still be here for you too.