Classic Vincent Project with an Amazing Back Story

Australian International Concours d'elegance 2017 Winner        Jon Munn's beautiful 1949 Vincent Black Shadow

While visiting Melbourne's Motorclassica event this year, I came across a welcome surprise. It was only six months earlier that boxes of tired looking Vincent parts had been dropped into our shop and yet here was the completed bike, finished, looking fantastic.
Back in 1949 only 76 'B' Series HRD Black Shadows were ever built and only one left the production line with the motor unpainted. This bike is what became known as the 'White Shadow' The HRD had been found in the US Virgin Islands in 1974, chained to a palm tree with both heads and barrels removed and suffering badly from exposure to the elements. It was purchased and shipped to the USA, then remained in a crate for the next 40 years where the current owner discovered it. As it was in such poor condition it took over 3 weeks to carefully dismantle and evaluate everything before beginning the restoration.                                    

These boxes of tired parts represented a chance for us to be involved yet again with another unique project. After talking with owner Jon Munn, we had a clear idea of the processes he required. There would be some stud repair work, tig welding, and of course the job of wet abrasive blasting and detailing much of the original componentry for the mechanics, engine builder and metal polisher. Being a part of the project and making old parts look new again is what we enjoy at Hydroblast. Jon and his artisans at Classic Style Australia have undertaken a complex restoration, and without doubt carried it out to an exceptional standard.     (History courtesy of Jon Munn - Classic Style Australia)
The attention to every detail is amazing.  It takes many artisans with different skills to restore one of these!
This is how we first become involved with a new project - boxes of old and badly weathered parts.
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