All Good Things Take Time

Pleased to be able to say we're back on deck at Hydroblast. We've really missed seeing a lot of our old friends and look forward to welcoming you to our refurbished Highett headquarters. 
It's also an appropriate time to thank the handful of exceptional people who got me over the finish line when it felt like we were herding cats. Mark, Michael, Don, Greg, Mario and especially my better half Louise. Thank You.

If we can help with your restoration project, give us a call. 
Our phone number is the same as always - (03) 9597 0387 
Just look out for the red letter box!
Cheers Greg

PS There's also some new pics, look under the photo's tab

First job in the door - Lotus magnesium brake drums (owner is shrink fitting new iron liner)

1990's Advertisement - What were we thinking?

It's a funny thing looking back, I've always loved the craft of film making as much as the engine building world. Clint Eastwood was so politically incorrect in 'Dirty Harry' but you had to admire the way his character fought the system. Film maker Eastwood has continued to write and produce thoughtful work up until his 86th year and his stories continue to remind us that it's wise to keep our eyes wide open to social injustices. Do you feel lucky?