By the way - What's an Apsara?

Found dumped in a pile of unwanted junk and covered in paint - a local couple brought in this stunning bronze statue. Over a metre high, it felt like it weighed a ton and was made of solid brass. 'It's an old Apsara statue and it would look great in our home she said, could you bring it back to life?  - Hmm this looks interesting, we'll see what we can do.
By the way, eons ago an Apsara was a kind of alluring dancer (must have been hard to resist). It looked like a feel-good kind of job to us so we gave it our best shot. Everyone agreed the reborn piece was well worth the modest amount spent restoring it.
Finally back in the light of day - the statue reveals her charms
We're frequently asked to restore all kinds of interesting and unusual objects, anything from watches to firearms, surgical tools, antiques, architectural fittings, even a 20's peanut dispenser to feed monkeys at the zoo, and much more. In our business you've gotta be versatile, so I thought it'd be fun to show one or two of the projects we come across.

Tig welded alloy bike frame
Specialty stainless jobs - dental splints and wall plates for a new cancer research centre