Speed Week

Check out the short film 'There's Always Next Year' - A Speed Week Story. 
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Each year in March (weather permitting) the DLRA - Dry Lakes Racers of Australia hold our Aussie version of Speed Week. This amazing event in outback South Australia brings together hundreds of racers from all over Australia, New Zealand & even the USA. Due to our rainfall patterns this stunning dry salt lake has sometimes been a 'wet' lake. Mother Nature always has the final say!         2015 is the 25th Anniversary of Speed Week.

Completely run by dedicated volunteers the meeting officially starts on a Monday and runs till Friday. If you've never been to this event do yourself a favour and check out the DLRA website. Surrounded by outback country and next to the Mt. Ive Station  the lake is clearly visible on the nightly weather map - look for a white area shaped like Italy in the centre of South Australia. Beware though, salt fever is catching.

150km - of beautiful outback road - the only way to the salt
An endless horizon means that this is one of the fastest places on Earth
Following a near 200mph pass - Mustang looking back to that Aussie scrub

Looking back to drier times - it's rained so much at the lake in recent times, but not this year!